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Complete Your Decorating Look With Glass Shelf Brackets

In a house, it is often the details that make it a home. These things include personal photos, collections, and mementos that make a person's life come alive in the house. It is the decorating taste that a family brings to a home, and the way they organize the space to make it work for their own unique needs. One great way to bring personal taste to an empty space, and to prominently display personal affects such as the aforementioned photographs and other such important items, are to use shelves.

Glass Shelf Brackets

People have many options for shelves, including bookcases, wall shelves, wood shelves, laminate shelves, wire shelving (which is more functional than decorative), and glass shelves. Glass shelves can be particularly beautiful, especially if beautiful glass shelf brackets are used.

Glass shelves can add a touch of elegance to any display. Even in a bathroom, glass shelves can make a mundane, functional space look beautiful. Glass bathroom shelves are particularly effective because they aren't affected by moisture the way that wood shelves would be. To help with dusting, cleaning, and other maintenance, you can get a frosted glass shelf, which does not show dust, dirt, and other grime as easily as a clear glass shelf would.

To make the glass shelves truly fit the decor scheme and add a great touch, choose glass shelf brackets that complement the overall look and feel of the room. For example, in a bathroom that has brass plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinet knobs, and door handles, brass brackets are probably the best bet. In a living room, be a little bit more flexible and use beautiful wooden, wrought iron, or nickel brackets.

When buying glass shelf brackets, or any shelf brackets for that matter, it is important to measure the shelves first and know the size of brackets that you need to get. Generally, the shelf can be about a half of an inch wider than the bracket. For shorter shelves, two brackets will usually work, but for longer shelves, use three or even more, especially if they are holding a heavy load. Mounting the brackets to the wall is also important; you need to secure them to a stud or use a drywall anchor so as to properly support the weight of both the shelf and its contents. The last thing you want to hear is a glass shelf crashing to the floor!

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