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Types Of Bicycle Storage Racks

Bikes can be great exercise and great family fun. If you have more than one bicycle in your family, you may have a hard time finding space for them in your home. The garage has always seemed like the best place to store a bicycle, but they still seem to get in the way.

Bicycle Storage Racks

They can stick out and be hit by the car as you pull out of the driveway. If the washing machine is in the garage, you have probably found yourself crawling over the bicycles to access it at one point in time. They always seem like they are in the way when they are not being used. This is where bicycle storage racks come in handy. They will keep your bikes out of the way and safely stored until you are ready to pull them out for a ride.

Racor Pro's free standing, dual bike stand is easy to assemble and has a couple of storage options. It can be mounted on the wall, or stand freely on the floor. The bikes are lifted up off of the ground, one above the other. The floor and the bikes are both protected. The arms of the stand are adjustable for optimum bike storage. Racor Pro also has a free standing rack that holds four bikes. These bicycle storage racks are lightweight and can be easily moved.

If you don't have any floor space in your garage for a free standing bike rack, you might consider mounting a rack on the wall or installing a ceiling storage rack. A bike and ladder lift is an easy solution for storing bikes above the garage floor. It has a pulley system so you don't have to lift the bike at all to store it up high. The rope is pulled and locked into place to keep the bike raised, and it is loosened to lower the bike. This can also be used as a sports storage rack. Anything that you want lifted up off the floor and out of the way can be hung from the bike and ladder lift.

If you have a budget and only need to store one bicycle, the Delta Leonardo Wall Bike Rack may be the perfect solution. It is under $20 and can be installed anywhere in your home. The rack is mounted on the wall and the bike is stored vertically. The front tire sits in the rack and faces the ceiling and the back tire sits in the bottom rack towards the floor. It even gives character to an apartment or loft if you need to add some design elements. Bicycle storage racks are designed to simplify your life and organize your home. They will prove to beneficial the first time you realize you haven't tripped over your bike!

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